Cari Snell

 educator and nutritionist

Consulting Services - Cari offers private one-on-one customized consulting for individuals and families as well as customized group sessions.  She is also available for on-site wellness assessments and office visits within the North Shore or Downtown Vancouver. Whether you are dealing with a specific illness such as cancer, colitis, IBS, etc., you need to lose weight without dieting, or you just want to adopt a more healthful lifestyle in a gradual and attainable way, Cari is available for your specific needs. Initial consulting sessions start at $100. Please contact Cari for a quote.

Workshops - Whether it’s a general Corporate Wellness lunch and learn, a parent workshop, or a more specialized health talk specific to your group, Cari can accommodate your wellness needs. Workshops deliver appropriate, informative and understandable information specific to your audience and always allow time for Q&A. Workshops can run from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Prices vary depending on duration. Please contact Cari for a quote.

School and Parent Groups - Realfooducation™ is about teaching kids (and their parents!) about real food for life. It's about learning how to incorporate more of the good stuff while reducing the not so good so that healthy bodies and healthy minds can grow and reach their fullest potential. Workshops are age specific. School group programs can vary in length depending on each school groups' needs. See our separate site here for more details and contact Cari for a quote.

Food Business - With the power of the internet, more and more consumers are learning which foods to incorporate into their diets and which ingredients to avoid. Cari offers consultation services to food businesses, food manufacturers, restaurants, chefs and grocery/specialty stores. Learn the latest research and information about specific food ingredients, how specific cooking techniques can either enhance or diminish a food's chemical properties rendering it either beneficial to the body or taxing, and what to substitute health damaging ingredients with so that your foods are more health enhancing. Please contact Cari for a quote.